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Delete Uber if you want, but it still has your data

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The ongoing uproar over the ethically challenged Uber has brought about calls to delete the service. And to my surprise, some people are actually doing this: I’ve already seen a few friends boast on Facebook that their Uber app is no more.

Leaving aside the question of whether these folks will return (my hunch is yes), the more interesting issue turns on the fact that it’s basically impossible to “delete” Uber in the first place.

While you can remove Uber’s app from your phone and submit a request to delete your account, you’re never really gone for good. I’ve pointed before to Uber’s privacy policy, which spells out that the company can keep your data — your ride history, your locations, all of it — as Uber sees fit and for as long as it likes:

Even after your account is terminated, we will retain your Personal Information and Usage Information (including geo-location…

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