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Very Interesting Stats in here – ‘2014 Year in Review [Infographic]: How Social Media Fueled Social Action’

Original posted by Kara on Addthis.com Dec. 18 2014. Clearly it’s time to look at Ketnooi!


These places were Instagram’s most photographed locations in 2014

really cool tracking of user behaviour


In its annual end-of-year tradition, Instagram has released the places in the world users capture the most with the filter-friendly app. Last year, the big question was “Why is a shopping mall in Thailand Instagram’s most photographed place in 2013?” The answer had more to do with a Thai cultural proclivity towards obsessive photo sharing then it did with the mall itself.

This year the number one location is no surprise to anyone: The Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland topped the list after coming in third the last twoyears. Other returning champions include Dodger Stadium (#8 in 2013 and #7 in 2012), Times Square (#2 in 2013), and Thailand’s Siam Paragon shopping mall (#1 in 2013 and #2 in 2012),

New entrants include Gorky Park and Red Square (Moscow, Russia), the Louvre (Paris, France), Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium (NYC), and Dubai Mall…

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It’s not just about print vs. digital media — it’s about culture



Because of the obvious differences between traditional print publishing and the digital kind — the lack of a physical product, the fact that one can link and the other can’t, differences in the speed of publishing, etc. — it’s easy to come to the conclusion that print is the problem. But in many ways, as Frederic Filloux argues in a post at The Monday Note, the biggest problem is the cultural differences between the two.

In his post, Filloux notes that more than fifteen years after the consumer web started to become mainstream and the disruption of media began in earnest, many traditional publishers are still struggling to grapple with the issues that disruption raises. Even the New York Times, with its massive resources, filled an entire “innovation report” with the things that it still needs to do.

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]”About fifteen years into the digital wave, tectonic plates…

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Delete Uber if you want, but it still has your data

oh great


The ongoing uproar over the ethically challenged Uber has brought about calls to delete the service. And to my surprise, some people are actually doing this: I’ve already seen a few friends boast on Facebook that their Uber app is no more.

Leaving aside the question of whether these folks will return (my hunch is yes), the more interesting issue turns on the fact that it’s basically impossible to “delete” Uber in the first place.

While you can remove Uber’s app from your phone and submit a request to delete your account, you’re never really gone for good. I’ve pointed before to Uber’s privacy policy, which spells out that the company can keep your data — your ride history, your locations, all of it — as Uber sees fit and for as long as it likes:

Even after your account is terminated, we will retain your Personal Information and Usage Information (including geo-location…

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The Color Thesaurus

a colour chart for our TEI exploration of J. Alfred Prufrock

Ingrid's Notes

I love to collect words. Making word lists can help to find the voice of my story, dig into the emotion of a scene, or create variety.

One of my on-going word collections is of colors. I love to stop in the paint section of a hardware store and find new names for red or white or yellow.  Having a variety of color names at my fingertips helps me to create specificity in my writing. I can paint a more evocative image in my reader’s mind if I describe a character’s hair as the color of rust or carrot-squash, rather than red.

So for fun, I created this color thesaurus for your reference. Of course, there are plenty more color names  in the world, so, this is just to get you started.

Fill your stories with a rainbow of images!













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#IfTheyGunnedMeDown and What Hashtag Activism Does Right

The Evolution of Music. Dan Wineman. Tweet. Sept. 11, 2014

retweets now sitting at 30,592, favorites at 25,282

NY Times Review of the Phonograph. November 7, 1877

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.10.57 PM

a screen shot of the archived review – amazing.. full text here

Mashable Post on ‘Social Media Users Are More Charitable Than You Might Think’

Certainly counters the negative Slactivist argument.


“According to the survey data, an average of nearly 64% of users who identified themselves as a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+ user said they’ve donated $100 or more to charitable causes in the last year, and an average of just 6.5% have given no money at all to charitable causes in the last year.”

Full article here:


FanFic Generator

A friend just shared this awesome new thing – love it – I made my first auto-fanfic – lol. Visit the site fanficmaker.com

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