Tutorials will run from Week 3 Sept. 23 through to Week 12 Dec. 2. Tutorials are 5-6 or 6-7, before class.

Some of the tutorials will be in a computer lab, Ramsay Wright Rm 109, and will provide students with a hands-on opportunity to explore text analysis tools and coding programs. We will take advantage of having a lab with computers to play with. The 6-7 tutorial may need to end 6:50 as it seems the RW building is a trek from the FG 7-9 class building. Note that the lab has 24 terminals & 48 chairs so students will be pairing up to work with the computers. Get to know your classmates asap

We also have traditional rooms booked for non-lab tutorials. I will post the details as to which rooms & TAs shortly, as I just got the room assignments today. Tutorials will be in more than one building, so be prepared.

Assignments 1-3 can be generated out of your work in the lab though you can also create your final assignment in your own time as the websites & tools are open online.

Assignment 4 [TEI] will likely be generated in the lab, although you can download the TEI software for a free trial for one month, should you wish to work further on this assignment. The TEI software currently available for download online is V.16 & the lab (I believe) has V.14. The interfaces seem to be very similar from what I can see so far.

Further details on specific tutorial topics will be posted moving forward.


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